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Wine tours operated by the IACCVF are attended by people who love wine and want to grow their knowledge with a sense of place. Expert or professional knowledge is not required -- training in dégustation is a basic part of the program and something that will translate to years of wine appreciation. The tours, however, will meet a professional's need for detailed information, networking with leading producers and first-hand experience with both vineyards and caves. Lacking is the mob-scene normally associated with the big tour operators. These are intimate affairs, in small groups, where participants can relate to the wines, the producers, the terroir and to one another.

The normal pattern is to visit an average of three operations per day, sometimes four. Some days include HCM's exclusive "winemaker déjeuners" (luncheons). These provide an opportunity for participants to visit further with the owners and staff, taste their wines with food, and share them over a meal of local cuisine.

The program provides an intimate look at one or two regions of France (it has been an 11-day program in the past, and that opportunity continues, however future trips will be conducted in two stand-alone weeks) with a small group of like-minded fans of wine who want to know more about France and its wines and wine-producing regions.

Trips are limited to no more than 12-14 people.

Trips do not include a Paris experience. We start and provide for your return there, but tours are priced on the basis of two weeks in the countryside. What you do in Paris, how long you linger there, or if you do the City at all, is up to you.

If you desire the Paris experience, you can do it at the front end (a good way of overcoming jet lag), or linger at the trip's conclusion (applying a practical follow-up to what you learned on the trip).


Trips are made only in the FALL of the year, after harvest and after the wines are fermented and commence aging. This is outside the tourist season, during a part of the year when days are crisp and pleasant and before winter chill. The timing assures that the growers and winemakers have time for visitors and an exchange.

THE 2005 TOUR WILL COVER THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF OCTOBER. It will commence in Paris on Monday morning October 17 with the TGV to Aix, and conclude with the TGV back to Paris from Bordeaux on Friday October 28.

The 11-day trips do include some tourism opportunities. Besides on-going dialogue on history, language and culture during travel, we may include a few visits to châteaux or historic sites when they are conveniently located on the route to scheduled visits, or provide the opportunity as part of the weekend activity.

Transportation is by train (TGV) from Paris to the starting point (e.g. Bordeaux, Dijon), small bus with professional driver while in the countryside, and return to Paris via train from a major ending point (e.g. Avignon, Montpellier, Beaune).

The price does not include trans-Atlantic airfare. Experience has shown that most people want to choose their airline, use miles, collect miles on a particular carrier, stay longer, or arrive early. The tour is set up so that you control all aspects of your arrival and departure in France.

WHAT ARE THE HCM/IACCVF PLANS FOR 2005? Click on 2005 Information for details. The 2005 tour is planned to include Bordeaux and The Southern Rhône/Provence.

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